Nextjs + Typescript + Tailwindcss

Algorithm Visualizer for Sorting, Searching and Graph Traversal algorithms


Node.js + Express + Ejs + MongoDB + SASS

PlanDone is made for Students who would like to learn smart, be productive and access everything they need while studying in one place.


JavaScript + gpa-calculator + cgpa-forecast

Calculate your GPA and CGPA score and from your score get the average estimate score to end up with a 1st, 2nd upper/lower class.

Other Projects

Faraday Event

ReactJS + Airtable + Tailwindcss

Event Manger App for Faraday Africa Community. Co-created with @nworiekingslee

Faraday Africa

ReactJS + Airtable + Tailwindcss

Faraday is a Community driven Ed-tech solution improving the learning experience for Students in tertiary institutions. I'm one of the contributors, building the platform.

Portfolio V2

Nextjs + Typescript + Tailwindcss

Hey, this is my portfolio

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